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Welcome to your exclusive outlet for CPS Blades here in the UK.


If you have any questions, then you can checkout the contact options, or speak to one of the Sponsored Paddlers.


We are your Official point of contact for CPS paddles and other related products.

In the coming months, we hope to publish more technical information on this top end equipment and where you can try them.


If you haven’t heard about these paddles, then you may have seen them and wondered where they come are from.

Well, they are from China, and made to a very high and consistent standard using very high quality materials.


For many people, saying these blades and shafts are made using Pre-Preg materials wont mean much, and a few others could also say ‘so what, other manufacturers do that’.

Perhaps, but these Blades are incredibly stiff, light and strong.

However, nothing in polo lasts forever, and in this sport and there is the notion, that the the lighter something is, the more it will cost and the less time it lasts. That is true enough in many regards, but Yupin Sports - the manufacturer behind CPS Blades are working hard to defy the odds and produce something which is truly breathtaking.

There is no doubt, these are servicing the top end of the sport, where margins are small between winners and those who didn’t quite make it.

We think these blades offer something different enough that we bought into them very quickly and very easily.

They are not for everyone, and they are a premium product with a corresponding price point.


So, for more information, read through the following pages for more details.