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CPS want to have a single point of contact in each territory so potential and existing customers know how to get the products.

This process should also make it easier for all concerned.


So, if you are interested in purchasing CPS Blades but you are outside the UK, then try too make contact with your official supplier where you are. If there isn’t one then let us know and we will try to help.


One of the down sides to customers working through distributors is that there could be quite a range of prices around the world in different territories. There is only two reasons for this.

1, The Cost to Buy, Import Duty and local Taxes.

2, The Profit Margin.


Since this is not our main income, we want to keep the profit margin at a sensible level for all concerned.

However, there will always be some fluctuations in Currency Conversions, to which we have no control.

The Brexit vote had pretty devastating effects for example, as have other political changes around the world.

We are buying these products in USD so when things effect the international market, there will be a knock-on effect for everything related. Sorry about that.



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About Us

CPS are making a lot of effort around the polo playing world to make their products more widely available and so they have a reliance on a distributor network as local points of contact to represent them as suppliers.


This should also make it a lot easier for each individual to purchase CPS products in each area without negotiating the hurdles of Import Duty and Taxes on these kind of goods.


So, who is CPSBlades.Co.UK ?

This is what we’re calling the UK Distributorship. As a business activity, it fulls under the business name of Speciality Developments who is headed by Paul (Clyde) Hammond.


Clyde used to have a Canoe Polo Supplies business (Clyde’s Polo Kit) which he ceased trading when his son was born. In those activities, he also used to make the Q~dos range of Canoe and Kayak Paddles which was subsequently sold on as a going concern. Sadly, little is known of that entity now.


In all this time, Clyde has maintained a close relationship with many manufacturers both within our sport and his own professional work place, where he takes great interest in all forms of engineering.


During Dragon’s annual trip to Canada’s Cup of the North in 2016, Clyde met Janice Huang (International Sales and Marketing Representative for Yupin Sports - who make CPS Blades), and the idea of becoming the UK Distributor started from that chance meeting.